Weight Loss

My whole life changed when I signed up for Weight Watchers in January 2011. My views on life, eating and exercise have remained to this day totally opposite of what I once believed.
I’ve struggled with eating during the past 10 years, which is pretty much most of my twenties. I never had a healthy relationship with food, but it really started to take a toll on my body during those years. I never noticed the effect that it had on me at the time, but looking back I could tell you I was unhappy and depressed all the time. My turning point happened when I saw a photo of me taken at my company's AGM (see photo below). I cried all that night, and signed up for WW the next day.

The whole process was inspiring. I was amazed with how much determination I had. It was nice to have a goal for once in my life, and I was in control of getting there. As the weight started coming off I started to become happier. 30 pounds might not seem like a huge weight loss to some, but with the dramatic change it made on my life I can tell you those 30 little pounds do a lot when I reflect back on how I felt. When I hit my goal weight in July I was a new woman. 18% of my body weight was shed; I had a new wardrobe and a healthy outlook on life.
I'm not going to say it was a "piece of cake" losing that weight (pun intended). I did struggle with holidays and other functions. What kept me going was dreaming of my ultimate goal, being in a bikini for our first ever vacation!

It’s been over a year since goal, and I’m happy to report I have had success keeping the weight off. My weight now varies about 5 lbs from goal every now and then. The thing is, I now know how to control it and how to keep it in check.
Whether you have 10, 30, 100 or 100+ pounds to lose, I strongly urge anyone who is having problems with food or their weight to check out the WW program. It was one of the best decisions of my life.



  1. Hi Krysta! I love reading your blog and I find it very inspiring. You look fabulous!

    I really enjoy reading your posts about running. I'd love to be able to run, and I've tried to start by myself, but I seem to have a painful problem with my shins (shin splints?) which may be due to bad shoes or maybe I'm just that out of shape. But one day, if it's possible, I'd love to run a 5k marathon just to say I did it.

    As far as weight loss, that's been a huge on-going battle for me for years. I did join WW once but never followed through with it...my eating habits are terrible to say the least. Perhaps I need a really good kick in the butt!!! Now that I've had a baby, my body is in worse shape than ever. My problem is that I hate cooking so I never know what to make to eat that's healthy. I need really quick meals to eat during the day, as I'm pretty busy with the little one and don't have time or the desire to prepare gourmet food. :-(

    Anyway, enough about me...I look forward to your next post, so keep the blogs coming, I enjoy reading them!!!

    Tara Schleich :-)

  2. I love ww. It's been great for me. And I have a friend who lost 180 pounds on it!


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