Our Love Story

I met Daniel 12 years ago when we were in high school. I slipped him a note during a video we were watching in class one day, and he called me that evening. We had your typical awkward first date; it was supposed to be a double date, but his friend bailed so it was just the three of us. Since that day, we have never been apart.

We've shared everything together, from graduating high school, owning our first apartment, buying our first home, going on our first vacation, births, deaths and everything in between. Every step along the way has made our relationship so strong and has brought us more and more closer each and every day.

In November 2008 we shared our vows and tied the knot. Being at the alter with Daniel brought out the deepest love that only true soul mates could feel. I am honoured to be his wife and to share many more happy memories with him.

Photo Credit: Matthew Trussell Photography


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