Meet The Pugs

Roxy is my little Diva, and she has the 'tude to go along with it. In our home she is above me in the hierarchy scale. Roxy was my first dog and she was the catalyst for me loving everything pug. She loves long walks on the beach, high quality treats (trust me on this one, she will turn all other crap down) and belly rubs. The key to her heart is food.

Pippin is my main man, my homeboy.. or homepug for that matter. We adopted him in 2010 and you can read all about his life in rescue here. He is such a loony and always keeps us laughing. He cannot hold his licker for the life of him, so be prepared for 100 big wet ones if you ever come to visit us.

Together we've tag teamed over 10 successful fundraisers for a local Pug Rescue which is so dear to us.

For more information on the pug breed, or to find rescue's in your area please click this link:


  1. Pippin and his licker sound like my Pete, the Greeter. Cute puggies! :)

    1. Thank you! Pete, I love that name for a pug :)


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