Monday, July 29, 2013

Life is Good

On Friday, Dan and I got the keys to our rental. Since our house has not sold in the city, and we haven’t found anything to purchase in Parry Sound, we decided to find a rental to bridge our accommodations temporarily. 

We really lucked out and found a 4 bedroom home right in the town of Parry Sound, with a fenced in yard for the pugs. The house is currently for sale, but since the market is slow – we were able to rent it on a month to month basis. This is great for us since we didn't want to sign a lease and be committed to anything for the long term. The place is pretty sweet, asides from being right near train tracks (which everything seems to be in Parry Sound), it is totally furnished and all we needed to bring were our consumables and linens.

Monday Morning - Yoga Post-Run
The pugs are enjoying the new scenery. They really seem to love the backyard and want to spend their entire day out there. We have sliding doors which lead from the kitchen to the backyard, so I can blog and supervise the pugs at the same time.

Our weekend was pretty relaxed, for the first time in a long time Dan and I didn't have anything on our schedule. If I were in the city, I’d be finding so many things to do around the house or would have kept myself busy packing. It’s been three months since Dan and I lived together, so it was nice to connect again and not have to worry about only having a weekend to spend together.

Saturday we spent most of our time cleaning our rental, and picking up some supplies we needed. Afterwards, since my mind was so clear of thoughts and my place was tidy, I finally had free time to have a leisurely run.

Running since the marathon has been an ongoing battle for me. It’s been 9 months since the marathon and I haven’t fully committed to a running schedule. I've found every excuse in the book to not get out there. The past couple of weeks I've finally rekindled my passion – stayed tuned for a blog post on returning to running after a break.

On Sunday Dan and I went for a walk to enjoy the scenery. We live 5 minutes away from a marina and they have seaplanes there that take off throughout the day. We just sat and watched for an hour or so. This whole place is so leisurely and relaxed. It’s been awhile since I really kicked back and enjoyed the sights like I did last night. This mindset is really hard to get to, and I’m glad I am there once again.

My friend recently gave me a journal and the quote on the front is:

"In the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that makes our souls soar" 

I think I've found that magic.... 

Downtown Parry Sound Marina
Parry Sound is made up of these rocks - so gorgeous

The train bridge

The seaplane ready for take-off

Letting reality sink in - this is our new home!

Anyways, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my vacation before I start my new job next Tuesday. Daniel and myself along with some friends are going to a country festival this Thursday-Monday (Boots and Hearts) and we cannot wait. Stay tuned for another post about that.

Until then.... 

Enjoy life!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Following Our Dreams

(McDougall, ON - July 2013) 

Daniel and I are about to embark on a life changing journey. Hence the lack of blogging and routine in our lives at the moment. Thank you readers and friends for sticking by us and being patient.

(Chorley on the dock, McDougall, ON)
For those readers that do not follow me on Facebook; Daniel moved 3 hours north for a job, about 3 months ago. This happened by happy accident. Daniel was keeping his employment options open, and I was perusing job sites for him. Well, one job came up that "fit the bill" per say, and I sent off his resume.

Dan: "Did you send my resume to a job in Parry Sound?"
Me: "Maybe"
Dan: "Do you know where that is"
Me: "An hour away?"
Dan: "That's 3 hours up north"
Me: "Oops"
Dan: "Well, I have an interview"

(Pug on a dock - note the water is like glass)

That's how it all went down. Dan went to the interview and had a really good feeling about the job. We decided he would rent a room up there, and commute back on weekends. In just a short time he felt really comfortable and secure with his job.

Dan and I always had a pipe dream of moving up north. We are very outdoorsy; love fishing, hiking, and well, any outdoor activity. We love the simplicity of life and this beautiful world god created. We seem to be country folk, that were born and raised "city". When I went to Parry Sound to visit a few times, I knew that's where Dan and I should be. It sums up everything we have been looking for in life. That's when it clicked - that we were ready to make this move together and leave the hustle and bustle of city life. Muskoka region.. here we come!

(A visual of our move - Point A to Point B!)

In the past month:
(Enjoying dinner at the best
restaurant of life! Gilly's, Snug Harbour)
  • I secured employment in my field that I cannot wait to start on August 6th.
  • I gave notice at my current job which I have been with for 5.5 years. It's going to be really hard to leave my co-workers and wonderful clients that I have.
  • Our house is now on the market and we are currently searching for homes up there.

It has been a whirlwind to say the least. I am such a "Type A" personality, and I feel like we are flying by the seat of our pants for the time being. I'm really stepping out of my comfort zone. With our house not sold yet, we have had to find temporary accommodations to live. A miracle presented itself, and we have a 4 bedroom furnished house to call home till we buy a house. Thank goodness!

The one thing that centers me and makes this whole decision seem right, is the fact that I'm sharing this experience with my true love. Daniel and I have been through so much together, and sharing a common dream like this and watching it come true just warms the soul. This is meant to be.

Oh, and did I mention... the fishing is GREAT!?!?!

I'm sure once life settles a bit, I'll be back to posting some recipes and running stories. AND, I need to fill you all in on our 3rd addition to our fam! Stayed tuned!

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